Monday, May 11, 2009

Sending an email to new employees

Here is a simple little tip:
If you wanted to email a new guy in your company, you know that he should be found in Exchange’s Global Address List, If you haven’t emailed him before, and Outlook’s auto-suggest name list doesn’t appear to recognise the name (you know the one that pops up as you start typing in the “To” field), you can just start typing then press the Ctrl + K.

[Figure 1 - No popup name list for suggestions to contacts containing "s". Generally means you haven’t contacted anyone with a contact name containing “s”]
This will either complete the name for you or (if there are multiple people with the same first letters) it will pop up a filtered address list for you to select like shown below:

[Figure 2 - Found multiple contacts containing "s" in the Global Address List]

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