Thursday, January 28, 2010

Photoshop Glass Button

The following steps are required to give a glass effect to buttons:

  1. Select two appropriate colours (for gradient shades)

  2. Select Rounded Rectangular tool:

  3. Draw a simple ellipse:

  4. Create a new layer:

  5. Ctrl + Click on the vector mask in the first shape layer so that you can select only the ellipse:

  6. Select the Gradient Tool:

  7. Make sure that the gradient consists of the two colours you have already selected (you can find this in the top left corner under the menu):

  8. Select the new layer while the ellipse marquee is still highlighted, and draw a gradient from top to bottom:

  9. Optionally, an inner glow can give a nicer effect to the shape by right clicking the second layer, and selecting "Blending Options":

    You can tweek the above settings for colour, size, and opacity of the glow.

  10. Click OK, and review the effects of the blend:

    Note: the ellipse marquee selection should not be un-selected at this point.

  11. Create a new third layer:

  12. Select the Elliptical Marquee tool:

  13. From the top-left settings under the menu, select the intersect option:

  14. Draw an ellipse marquee selection outside the image to intersect with the top half of the image:

  15. Change your primary colour to white, then select the gradient tool with the white to transparent setting in the top-left corner under the menu:

  16. Draw a gradient on the new layer from top to bottom as shown below:

  17. Finally, deselect the marquee and review the image:

This can now work as a button image as shown in the below example:

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